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The Importance of Effective Web Design for Businesses

September 8th, 2018

21st century businesses are now online; top web developers around the world agree to this. It allows their operations to be flexible as possible. Business clienteles have different needs. With companies trying to build an advantage against their competitors, they need a whole new approach.

Updating Websites

One solution that offers promising results is updating a company’s website. For large companies, their website is their first line of defense. It helps their customers learn more about their latest products and services. It also helps them in terms of marketing.

To maintain customer and client relationships, outsourcing companies guarantee a ‘working’ website. These are third-party providers who have a competent team of web development experts to ensure that end users experience the best in website navigation.

Not only they will have an ease in accessing and surfing information, potential clients will also be attracted to be part of the business.

Website Traffic

As business operations gets more intense, constant traffic could affect the user’s experience on the website. There are companies – banks, financial services and related financial organizations – which require up-to-the-minute updates and these websites cannot tolerate even a single minute of crashes or malfunctions.

Websites having a load time of less than a second can help businesses become responsive to their customers needs. Clients also benefit from this. This will help establish a healthy business relationship and trust between clients and customers.

Website Graphics

Most people, especially individuals ages 35 and below, learns from visuals. A website that has poor graphics and improper mix of colors may be detrimental for the growth of the business. An excellent visual web developer knows that having the right mix of color and shade can help boost traffic for a business website.

Have you experienced looking for something in your own website? How was the experience? Was your website easy to use and navigate, or is it confusing and difficult to understand? If your answer makes you puzzled, your company’s website might have poor or incorrect layouts.

Website Layouts

Common website layouts are often F-shaped or Z-shaped. They differ from the way they show information. The website’s content is either written in bullet or paragraph form. This highly affects your customers when it comes to finding what they need.

Proper layouting by an excellent web developer is essential in guiding your target market. Additionally, using the right graphs and images can enhance the website and its usage.

Does your website gain trust from its users and customers? According to research, around 90 percent of users don’t trust a website because of its design. This analysis is bad news for most businesses.

Gaining Trust

Consumers can be dissuaded easily but there are ways to gain and improve their trust. News coverage about an enterprise can help the company gain recognition. If the company has numerous clients well-known on their industry, placing their logos and brands on the website is also helpful.

Tapping different social media sites can also create a boost. Most people have their personal social networking accounts. If your company has its presence on millions of netizens around the world, there’s a great chance that people will learn more about your business.

Page Views

Lastly, using the latest in markup language can help the website double its page views. Research shows that using HTML5 promotes 2.3 percent growth compared to other websites that don’t. The best web developers recognize this and execute this technique as well.

Effective website design helps businesses not only in boosting their profitability but also promoting trust to their customers. With the help of a business process outsourcing company, your enterprise can maintain its leader status on its respective industry.

You Can Find Freelance Work In Almost Any Field

September 6th, 2018

A freelancer is an independent contractor. Have you been looking for freelance employment? Are you thinking you have the skills and discipline to work independently? With a computer, high speed internet, phone, fax and skills you can work from home in almost any field with companies in almost any country. Companies benefit by working with freelancers or contractors because they are not responsible for employment/tax costs. Make sure your home environment fits with the type of work you want to do. If you plan to do phone work, you can’t have sounds of small children or dogs barking in your background. Companies still want their home workers to appear to be working in the companies’ offices.


If you’re hoping to find job listings for writers or freelance photography jobs there are opportunities online. In previous times freelance writers and photographers contacted magazine and book publishers with samples sent via the mail. Now, you can search the web and find organizations hiring freelancers of all sorts. Freelance writing, editing and proofreading are valuable services to many businesses. Companies can’t afford to distribute documents and marketing materials that contain errors. An extra pair of eyes help to find errors that could be costly or embarrassing. They need accurate and professional workers to create and polish written materials.
There is a wide range of pay. Low paying jobs range from $10 per article to $200 per educational paper. High paying jobs range from $600 to $1,000 per article. Ghost writing a novel can get you thousands.

Web Developers

With technological advances telecommuting jobs became possible and prevalent. Freelance opportunities have moved beyond writing and photography. Other freelance employment areas to explore include jobs for web developers. Web developers usually offer HTML and programming services to create interactive or database driven websites. Web developers are programmers and work with web based code like ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion, DHTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL and more. Web development and web maintenance are viable freelance jobs ideal for work at home.

“Someone who wants to be a developer has to have a good eye, think like a programmer and have some graphic design capabilities. If you only know HTML then you won’t get very far and will find that you have a lot of limitations to the types of sites you can build”, says Joey Costa, owner of The Tek in Cary, NC. In addition to HTML, you should know C programming, pearl, and good graphics programs like Photoshop.

Mystery Shopping

Consider also, mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers provide businesses with much needed information on customer service and help increasing sales. A mystery shopper covertly evaluates the cleanliness of a facility, how products are placed, the staff’s helpfulness and knowledge. It is an opportunity for a business to improve services and provide training. The shopper provides detailed reports answering the questions posed in guidelines for conducting each shop.

This is not a field in which you’ll get rich. You may find steady work if you provide great reports, follow job guidelines exactly and live in an area where frequent shops occur. Signing up with multiple mystery shopping service providers should bring you more frequent mystery shopping jobs.

How Much Do Mystery Shopping Jobs Pay?

Mystery Shopping pay rates vary depending on the type of assignment and establishment. Sometimes it is just reimbursement for money spent during the shop. You are given a set spending limit and are told if it will be reimbursed. For example, you shop an express lube service. Your oil change and lube will cost $29. You are reimbursed $29. In another case you shop a supermarket, you pay for the job is $11 and up to $6 of your purchase will be reimbursed. Your total pay for the job is $17. Shopping auto dealerships, property management firms, and other such establishments often pay a rate anywhere from $30 to $75. Other examples: retail stores pay $10 -$30/shop, fast food $5-$15/shop, casual dining restaurants pay $15 to $30 with a meal allowance of $15 – $20.

Virtual Assistant

If your administrative skills are strong you may consider being a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant (VA) supports one or more businesses remotely. Duties may include secretarial work, meeting and travel planning, project management and web maintenance. As an independent contractor you’ll decide with whom you’ll work and how and when you’ll work.

Clients are most often small businesses and will hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant to save money. Since you are working from home you use your own equipment and the client incurs not employment costs like taxes and benefits. You are responsible for your own taxes as an independent contractor. Virtual assistants can support just about any industry. The ones hiring VA’s most often include real estate, coaching, financial services, accounting and legal.

You can learn how to become a VA and earn certification through one of many online training organizations. These organizations work with your existing skill and teach you how to create, operate and become successful in your VA business. Many refer you to your first virtual assistant job. You should research training providers well before paying for training.

Virtual Assistants usually charge by the hour. Rates range from $25 to $50 per hour. Some VA’s work with clients on a retainer. The VA is paid up front and the client sends work when needed.

Read more about working from home.

Top 10 Web Design Mistakes and What to Avoid

September 5th, 2018

1. Advertising

Everyone wants to make money online and there is nothing wrong with that. It is how you do it is what matters. If you want to make money with your site you need to consider your audience. If your audience is at a computer site, don’t make the mistake of putting up a credit card or dating banner on the side. They have nothing to do with your content. If you want to advertise something and get a higher conversion rate, make your advertisements about your site. Your content should always be relative to your other pages. With that in mind don’t clutter advertisements and/or trick people to click on them.

2. Splash Screen

A Splash Screen is a waste of the developers and your visitor’s time. You do not want to force your visitor to watch or read something they are not interested in. Nothing is worse than having to wait 30 seconds for a flash movie to play. They want to get in, find what they are looking for and get out. If you have your heart is set on a splash screen, make sure you put a link to skip it, your visitor will need it.

3. Too Much Text

Web development is an interesting market. You have to have lots of good content for your visitors to read and food for the search engine spider. But having too much text can be a bad thing. This can take away from the design aspect. You visitors will love bullets points and text headers. Break up your content. The most important thing about text is not the length, but the quality. Put down what you need to say and stop.

4. Overcrowded Content

This will connect with step 4. Watch out how much content, graphics and/or videos you are putting on your page. This can affect usability and loading time. Keep you site focused on your goal and keep it organized. Don’t crowd with banners, advertising and links to other content. A balanced of white space on a site is just as important then the content.

5. Color Design

Colors can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Be careful of the colors you are using. If you are a dark background make sure your font is a light color and visa a versa. Stay away from bright colors. Dull colors are not only in style right now, but are very clean, easy to read and professional. Also check to see if you colors are web safe colors. If you pick colors that isn’t a web standard, there is a chance that the computer will pick a color and your design will be altered.

6. Horizontal Scrolling

Some sites get to wide and your visitors and this can be problem. If your visitor doesn’t notice the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, they will miss the right side of your page. The standard width for a website is 1024 x 768 pixels. This is changing as your visitors will be going to a bigger resolution, but until they do…watch the size.

7. Know how to use Flash

Flash is cool and can be very interactive. But don’t use it for your entire site. Flash sites have not conquered usability. Developers get caught up in the design aspects of flash and forget usability and simplicity. These two aspects are very important. Flash is very good at banners, advertising, and some navigation. Flash is great to keep your visitors on your site using some type of interactive application. If you want to use Flash for your site, remember that search engine spiders don’t see flash content.

8. Cross Web Browser Capability

There are many different web browsers that are used to surf the internet and developers hate it. Some coding techniques are very hard to please all the different internet browsers. You need to make sure that you don’t dedicate your site to only one of them. Test your site is ALL kinds of internet browsers. There is a tool on this site that will do it for you is

9. Usability

Usability is very important. Usability should be one of your main goals. Stop and think, usability can bring your visitors in. With small fixes and changes to your site. It could change how your visitor reacts to your site and also lower your bounce rate. If your visitor can’t interact with your site and has problems finding what they are looking for, they are leaving. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

10. Avoid Web Design Mistakes

Make sure you understand all the different web design mistakes. You can take just one of these web design mistakes and destroy your website. Each of these are just as important as the other. You can get away with having a couple of them on a small scale. But if you have one of these is on a major scale, you will lose traffic because of it. These are all easy to avoid, just try it.